We have been active in various forms since 1995, finally formalising as a non-profit company to attract and manage the financial support needed to ensure that the Tokai network of trails can continue to exist within this National Park.

“Our vision is simple; provide for the mountain biking and safety needs of the Cape Town public and position Tokai as a premier local, national and international destination.”

– TokaiMTB vision document, 2015

As a constituted non-profit company and founding member of the Table Mountain MTB forum, TokaiMTB represents your voice in mountain biking within the Table Mountain National Park.

Funds derived through the SANParks Level 3 Annual Activity permit or daily sales permits sold at the trailhead, don’t make their way directly back into the trails, the fees tumble instead into the Pretoria bank account before cross-subsidising National Parks across the country with low visitor numbers. Funds that do make their way back into the Table Mountain National Park are generally allocated to to conservation projects, so while we continue to negotiate for a percentage allocation of fees directly into the trails, it is vital that TokaiMTB has your support so we can continue to meet the stringent environmental requirements expected of all trails in a National Park.

The money raised through your membership and donations, as well as corporate sponsorship and support, enables TokaiMTB to develop and maintain a world-class network of mountain bike trails and provide you with safety through consistent visible patrols and emergency coordination, to help keep us all safer in our playground.